New Chickenfoot video “Three And A Half Letters (I Need a Job)” illustrates economic plight of unemployed

Chickenfoot lead singer Sammy Hagar took a few minutes recently to sit down with to talk about the band’s newest album, as well as the track “Three And A Half Letters (I Need A Job)”, featured on the band’s newest video which debuted today.

Chickenfoot, from left, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith. Photo by LeAnn Mueller.

The song and the video depict the plight of unemployed homeless Americans as illustrated through letters read by Hagar. Here’s a snippet of the interview with editor Rick Florino, where Hagar talks about the lyrical content of the song. For the rest of the interview, visit here.

FLORINO: ”Chickenfoot III has some of your best lyrics ever, especially on “Three and a Half Letters”. What encouraged your lyrical evolution?”

HAGAR: “The untimely, unexpected death of my manager, Carter during the recording of Chickenfoot III was not only an inspiration, but a motivation for me. Carter was always pushing me to write better lyrics. Being a lyricist himself, he would always try to inspire me. However, not having him there for most of the writing, I realized no one can make you do something; you have to want it yourself. That being said, I was very motivated to write the best lyrics of my life to the great music that Joe had presented to me. I’ve always tried to write lyrics about life: The way I see it or the way I live it.”

FLORINO: “What’s the story behind “Three and a Half Letters” in particular?”

HAGAR: ”I’ve received letters over the years from lots of people, mostly fans, but some people just needing help, looking for work, knowing I have liquor companies, restaurants and employ a lot of people. It wasn’t until recently that Carter had told me to write a song called “I Need a Job” six months prior. The idea didn’t dawn on me until I read the letter I received from the guy who just returned from Afghanistan… and at the end of his letter he wrote “Can you help? I need a job.” And the song came together.”

Below, the band and Hagar explain the inspiration behind the song in their Chickenfoot III podcast series.

To view the exclusive video on go here.

“Three And A Half Letters (I Need A Job)” Chickenfoot III Podcast #7

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