Vikings rock star punter Chris Kluwe wants number 5 back

If you’re even a casual National Football League fan, then you’re no doubt aware of the recent sacking of Minnesota Viking quarterback Donovan McNabb.

However, what you may not know is that way back this summer, when the Vikings picked up the former Eagle football slinger, who has worn the number five his entire career, the number was already in use by Minnesota punter, Tripping Icarus bassist, and rock star Chris Kluwe. 

In a much talked about agreement, Kluwe gave the number up in exchange for McNabb mentioning his band in five press conferences.

We aren’t exactly sure how many times Donovan actually mentioned the band, but with the number now available again, the American Rock Scene received a text from Kluwe announcing his intention to get the number back.

The problem is, apparently the NFL has a rule about that. Unbelievably enough, players have to wait a full year to get their own number back!

One thing we’ve learned about Kluwe is that he doesn’t always follow the rules. Of course, nobody’s saying he’s a bad guy — quite the contrary. He’s just not a puppet on a string, and he says what is on his mind.

Check out his American Rock Scene interview if you don’t believe us.

Chris is going to go up against the NFL to appeal the decision. That’s a rockstar move.

Check out Chris’s band Tripping Icarus here

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