Musicians Pushing Kony 2012:

1,377,555 that is the number of likes the Invisible Children Facebook fanpage had when I began writing this piece at 2:00PM PST on 3/7/12.
A few minutes ago I finally watched the Kony 2012 video and decided to do a little homework based on what I observed. No doubt, Joseph Kony must be stopped and I have no problem believing that’ll happen. My guess is he’ll crumble under the world wide pressure and kill himself, at least that’s what we’ll be lead to believe.  Okay, that’s just a theory but that isn’t what this story is about. It’s about the unity and strength in numbers. By the way here is an update, 1,390,693 likes on the IC page now with no end in site. There is little doubt that this will be1 the fastest growing internet campaign ever. Also, since this is a music news site we need to somehow tie this in to music. Well, here you go: The Kony 2012 campaign has reached out to every major musician I can think of, via Twitter hashtags (#), Facebook posting and Youtube video sharing in an impressive display of internet solidarity.

We’d heard about country star Taylor Swift and Bono getting involved as well as veteran actor George Clooney, with many more to follow. Nicole Richie, LeVar Burton are tweeting. TV Stations are doing the same. @WESTOPKONY is the Twitter handle of Stop Kony 2012 and they are shooting for 100,000 followers today. Look’s they’ll need about 200 per minute to make that happen.

The Facebook count is up to 1,418,515. That is over 40,000 likes in the twenty minutes it took to put this together.

UPDATE: As of 4:30PM PST 1,554,300

Here’s our question: Are you in?

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