The Weather Channel’s Weather Song Tournament


Got  March Madness? Well even if you aren’t a college hoops fan, here is an interesting way to have a little fun.

The Weather Channel is hosting their own version of the tournament and we here at the American Rock Scene love this one just as much as we love the other Big Dance!

Welcome to The Weather Channel’s celebration of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Over the next three weeks, The Weather Channel will be counting on you to help them select the all-time favorite weather song.

They have selected 64 songs from across the musical universe – each with an association to weather in the song’s title. There are some all-time favorites, former #1′s, a one-hit wonder or two, some Cinderella stories, and some tunes with genuine musical clout.

Disclaimer: Obviously there were tough calls along the way, and like any Selection Committee, they may have left out a deserving song or two.

Each has been placed in four, 16-team regions – a sun region, a rain region, an elements region, and a seasons region, and are set for a song vs. song playoff.

We are going to pick up the coverage of this as the second round begins. One huge question on our minds right now is:  Did “Ice, Ice Baby” really have a chance against Dean Martin?

“Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” (Dean Martin) 11,062 votes (72%) “Ice Ice Baby” (Vanilla Ice) 4,269 votes (28%)


How about this battle?

“Get Off of My Cloud” (Rolling Stones) 7,569 votes (53%) “Rock You Like a Hurricane” (The Scorpions) 6,766 votes (47%)

This was almost a huge upset in the first round as The Scorpions faced off with The Rolling Stones.

The ’80s hard rock band was Rocking Like A Hurricane for  much of the day, but The Stones said “Get Off My Cloud”  and with a late night surge, took the lead for good.   Hurricanes and Clouds, we can see why TWC is having so much fun with this!

So far, the trend seems to be the older, more iconic songs are topping more recent hits. U2′s  “Beautiful Day” was a huge hit on the radio…but don’t put it in the class of the iconic, ageless Wizard of Oz.

Elton John’s second song made it through to the second round, but does it have what it takes against an iconic song of the holiday season. That candle may be snuffed out out by “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”.


 Current tournament status: March 15, 2012 (Second round begins)


Thanks to your 323,117 votes, the first round is now complete. We’ve revealed the winners of Wednesday’s 16 matchups in our rain and seasons regions. Today, we’ve kicked off the second round with 8 matchups, 4 in each of the sun and elements regions.


Vote now: Sun region | Elements region
See results: Rain region | Seasons region

Will “the beatles” juggernaut be stopped in the sun region? Will Bruce Springsteen’s fans lift him over Bob Dylan? Do you prefer going “Over the Rainbow” or “Against the Wind?” Cast your votes using the links above!

Get a printable bracket below to fill out yourself!



Click for a printable bracket (PDF file)
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Your votes will crown the tournament champion, with the voting scheduled as follows:

Second Round: Thursday, Friday, March 15, 16

Click here for a full update on second round winners.

Sweet Sixteen: Tuesday, Wednesday, March 20, 21

Elite Eight: Thursday, Friday, March 22, 23

Final Four: Tuesday, Wednesday, March 27, 28

Championship Final: Thursday March 29 (Champion revealed Friday March 30)

Some more winners and losers:


- “Summer” songs (6 of 8 remaining songs in the seasons region)
- The “classics” (“White Christmas”, “Winter Wonderland”, “Summertime, “Singin’ in the Rain”)
- Creedence Clearwater Revival (Not a misprint…both rain songs advanced and will face each other in round 2)

- The Beatles (both songs made it through the sun region)
- Elton John (one song in each of the sun and elements region made it through)
- Songs with “wind” (all 3 with wind in their titles advanced in the elements region)


- Adele (Six 2012 Grammys = 1st round exit. Did not “set fire to the rain” bracket)
- ’80s/’90s one-hit wonders (“No Rain” for Blind Melon, Garbage taken to curb, “Cruel Summer”)
- U2 and Kenny Chesney (Both their songs are now out of the tournament)

- Gordon Lightfoot (Voters said it was “Sundown” on his chances, both songs lost)
- Most songs from ’90s or later (AC/DC, U2, Vanilla Ice, Kenny Chesney lost…only Sheryl Crow won, who defeated Chesney)
- Donovan (Crushed by the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” 91% to 9%)
Here’s our interview with Sr. Meteorologist Jonathan Erdman of The Weather Channel Click here:


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