Zakk Wylde is “Bringing Metal to the Children”, new book out April 10

Metalheads and children everywhere will have a concrete reason to rejoice April 10 when the long awaited Zakk Wylde book “Bringing Metal To The Children” hits bookstore shelves. 

The how-to guide to all things metal – co-written with Eric Hendrikx – sheds light on the 25-year axe-slinging veteran’s journey with the Ozzy Osbourne band and Black Label Society, sharing the berserker survival methods he’s used to survive the world of rock and roll excess.

In 1987 the Prince of Darkness chose the New Jersey-native as the next in a line of shredder lead guitarist and songwriting cohorts that began with legend Randy Rhoads. Wylde recorded five multi-platinum albums with Ozzy –“No Rest For the Wicked” (1988), “No More Tears”, (1991), “Ozzmosis” (1995), “Down to Earth” (2001) and “Black Rain” (2007) – as well as three live albums – “Just Say Ozzy” (1990), “Live and Loud” (1993) and “Live at Budokan” (2002) – before being ousted and replaced with youngblood Gus G. During his tenure with Ozzy, Wylde somehow found time to record a country-rock album, 1994’s “Pride & Glory,” as well as a solo album, 1996’s “Book of Shadows.”

In 1998 Wylde formed Black Label Society which has released 11 albums – “Sonic Brew” (1999), “Stronger Than Death” (2000), “Alcohol Fueled Brewtality” (2001), “1919 Eternal” (2002), “The Blessed Hellride” (2003), “Hangover Music Vol VI” (2004), “Mafia” (2005), “Shot to Hell” (2006), “Skullage” (2009), “Order of the Black” (2010) and “The Song Remains Not The Same (2011) – selling more than 3.5 million albums worldwide and spawning a legion of rabid, doomtrooping fans.

In the book Wylde illustrates how to deal with common road issues, such as proper touring hygiene (or lack thereof) by sharing his experiences on the road with Ozzy and Black Label Society. He also shares a wealth of oh-my-god moments, spinning tales of encounters with rock royalty such as Eddie Van Halen, Rob Zombie, Lars Ulrich and Dimebag Darrell, as well as his excursions into the world of professional wrestling with grapplers Chris Jericho, Bubba Dudley and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Co-author Ric Hendrikx is also no stranger to the rock and roll circus. Prior to his New York Times bestsellers with MMA fighter Forrest Griffin (“Got Fight” and “Be Ready When The Shit Goes Down”), Hendrikx was a guitarist with the band Snake River Conspiracy.

The book will be released courtesy the fine folks at William Morrow, a HarperCollins Publishers imprint and available at booksellers everywhere.

“Metal. Did it come from the bowels of the earth fully formed? 
Or was it a gift from the god Odin, handed down from Valhalla, forged into his son Thor’s mighty hammer, known as the Mjöllnir (a hammer that would one day inspire the title of the telltale book Hammer of the Gods)? Or was Metal birthed across the ocean by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and driven across the world on the iron-horse track they laid for every Metal band to follow?
Because this is my book, I’m going to start where I believe Metal begins in all of us, and that is the exact spot where your stomach ends and your bowels begin. That twenty-eight-some-odd feet of smaller and larger intestines that end at your colon is what I’m referring to here. I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase Metal up your ass. I stand here before you in true testimony—they weren’t kidding.” – Excerpt from preface of “Bringing Metal To The Children” by Zakk Wylde and Eric Hendrickx.

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