KISS and Mötley Crüe rip Rihanna for lip syncing, despite Vince Neil’s sordid lip syncing past

The hype machine is in high gear for this summer’s premiere concert event, the KISS/Mötley Crüe 40-date North American co-headling jaunt.

Hot on the heels of KISS’ smoking performance of on the Jimmy Kimmel show (as previously reported by the ARS here) Crüe and Kiss held a press conference to announce the tour, where Gene Simmons took the opportunity stir the pot and jab R&B singer Rihanna’s reported lipsyncing at a press conference touting the upcoming tour.

It’s not the first time the KISS bass player/reality star/merchandising god has called out a musical act for lip syncing. Previously Simmons criticized aging pop star Madonna’s selection for the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show.

“I love all karaoke singers. “I like all the girl singers who get up and sing with tapes. Shame on you. You’ve got to have some integrity,” he said. “I don’t care what your music is. Have some integrity – be real or full disclosure before the fact. Hold up a sign saying, ‘Seventy percent of what you hear is fake. It’s a tape. I’m a karaoke singer.’ Say it.

“She isn’t”appropriate” for the halftime show.”

At the press conference, Crüe drummer Tommy Lee chimed in supporting Simmons’ distaste for lip syncing female singers.

“No disrespect to Rihanna, she’s a great singer, but we’re in a slump for some shit that has some personality and appeal beyond a bunch of pop stuff that’s floating around out there,” he said. “I’m glad he said that actually because I don’t think I can bear watching another fucking award show that is just a little better than ‘American Idol.’ It’s fucking pathetic to watch people go out and fucking karaoke with a bunch of lights and video. It’s all completely watered down.”

And has been watered down for awhile, according to Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil. Back in 2004 Neil was asked by Detroit’s WRIF 101.1 FM to comment after a mix-up with a backing tape exposed Ashlee Simpson lip syncing on Saturday Night Live.

Tommy Lee

“I’m glad [she was exposed on national TV], too, because there’s a lot of people… the majority of the new people that are out there now, these teenagers basically do movies and then figure they can just go out and put out a record,” Neil said. “The way the technology is today, you can just go in there and sing, and a guy can actually adjust every syllable and every word that you just sang and make it sound amazing. And then these people go on stage, and they have no talent, so they lip-sync. And it’s cheating everybody. I’m glad she got caught. And I’ve seen her sing since then, and she sucks. If you’ve got true talent, you don’t need to do that.

Ironically, Neil got his start lip syncing, according to his autobiography “Tattoos and Tequila.” The book states his first gig, before joining the band Rockandi, was in lip sync contests at a local skating rink. Go figure.

As of publication of this article, Rhianna-Schmianna has not commented on the slight by Simmons and Lee.





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