Get Ready For Dead Sara

Dead Sara IS Emily Armstrong (vocals/guitar), Siouxsie Medley (guitar/vocals), Chris Null (bass), Sean Friday (drums). Dead Sara IS not a pop band. Dead Sara IS all we want from a band and more. Dead Sara IS not “Chick Rock” They are a hard hitting, in-your-face, meat and potatoes rock and roll outfit from Southern California. Period!

In a time of conformity and playing along with the mold makers who often times control what is entering the ears of the listening public, it is very refreshing to discover a band like this.
They have shunned the advice of music executives who thought they needed a more “poppy” sound and stayed true to what they want to play and thank God!
Here’s the message that Dead Sara proudly displays ” This is us, deal with it”!

Dead Sara is opening for Bush on the northwest leg of their 2011 tour and the American Rock Scene will be there to cover it. Look for a full show review after the Seattle show.

“Weatherman” by Dead Sara

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