More proof the world is ending soon — KISS steals the show at the ACM’s.

KISS, Wayne Newton

KISS, Wayne Newton

In one of the sleaziest and brilliant PR moves in recent memory, KISS decided to crash the ACM award show in Las Vegas tonight. We are all for some good promotion around here but is nothing sacred? Just kidding, they are freakin’ KISS and KISS does whatever the hell KISS wants.

Especially if KISS knows they’ll have that kind of audience. Gene and Paul are smart that way and who knows, they might have a country album in the works. Would anybody be particularly shocked to find that out?

This just goes to further muddy that line that divides the rock and country music genres — provided there still is one.

The members of KISS pulled up to the MGM Grand Garden for the 47th annual Country Music award show in a Monster Truck and in full KISS regalia, thereby stealing the thunder and the spotlight from the attendees that were walking the Red Carpet. I wonder how the nominees, performers and presenters really feel about that as the crowd was yelling…KISS, KISS, KISS!

The highlight of the stunt had to be the Red Carpet picture with legendary Las Vegas performer Wayne Newton. And no this is not an April Fools joke!

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