Slash denies that Scott Weiland is back with Velvet Revolver

Although Scott Weiland may think he’s back as the lead singer for Velvet Revolver (see the previous American Rock Scene story here), guitarist Slash told Minneapolis/St. Paul radio station 93X that the reunion is news to him.

“He did not say [we're back together]? He’s out of his mind. There’s been a common rumor going around. I know that he’s been positive on that subject. Maybe they know something I don’t. I have absolutely no intention of going back to that.”

During a phone interview with 93X (you can hear the clip here, courtesy of the Slash denied that Weiland was back with Velvet Revolver.

“I’m on tour all this year. I’ll have to call Duff [McKagan], but I seriously doubt that. We have no intentions of going backwards.”

Should be interesting to see how this one plays out.


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